How to Find the Best Student Travel Deals

Cruising is a popular vacation option for many. Whether you’re a family taking a cruise together or a couple traveling alone, many cruise lines offer student discounts. Most major cruise ships offer student discounts and many are smaller, less expensive cruise ships. Lies and Costa Rica’s Azul cruising the Caribbean’s Blue Lagoon’s Cayman Brimstone’s Jamaica’s Whatever the Destination, Students can find the best rates and lowest prices.

Apart from student discounts, many cruise lines offer flat rates for gratuities and all taxes. Rates start at about $9.50 per person, with a minimum of $4. You can have the ship provide professional catering service with a private chef or simply relax on a rocking chair and enjoy a soothing massage. Cruises are a great way to have a memorable vacation away from home.


The fact is today more than ever, more and more professionals are traveling on a daily basis than ever before. Double-income families, single parents, retirees, and couples find themselves in need of an affordable way to take a vacation. Cruise lines offer a great way to vacation together and meet new people. meet new friends, make great friends, and have a lot of fun.

When it comes to student travel, planning a trip takes a lot of work. From figuring out the dates to the trip location to selecting a destination and packing a suitcase, there are a million details that need to be considered. Oftentimes, professional travel agents can cut through all of the red tapes and give you an affordable, yet professional way to plan your trip. Travel agents can book show tickets, find discounted air travel, locate a hotel with beachfront views, and even reserve a rental car in advance of the trip.

Vacation clubs are different. In these travel clubs, individuals with similar trip dates and interests gather together to share tips and arrange activities. They can’t chat about the beach or the cars or the boats, but they can chat about the weather, the food, and anything else important to the vacationer. Vacation clubs are a great way to have a group vacation without the hassle of running around and reserving hotels, boarding planes, and driving. Now, anyone can take a vacation that is affordable, fun, and exciting, without having to worry about all of the planning.

Do your homework. If you do your homework, you’re sure to find your ideal student travel. You’ll have a wealth of information, from directories of student travel agencies to descriptions of student vacation destinations. Doing your homework properly will open the door to a world of opportunities you didn’t know existed.

Determine your trip goals. You’ll want to determine the type of vacation you want. Desikan holidays? What’s your idea of fun? Historical sites? Cultural? There are hundreds of destinations that have all of the above, and choosing just a few can limit your choices. For example, if you’re interested in scenic rail holidays, a Portuguese-run trip to the beach will not be as fun when you have to deal with culture shock. If you want something more along the lines of a city break, you’ll need to consider the available transportation, the ease of getting to your destination, and your budget.

Start planning. You’ll need to determine exactly what you want from your trip. You can go to a travel agent, or you can use Internet search engines to develop a model that you think will work well for you. Include the basics, like airline reservations, lodging, and transportation, and try to sketch out a trip that you can afford. Work out the details: Do you have enough time to get to your destination? Can you afford a longer trip? Does your vacation timing fit with any plans? Once you decide on these basic details, look for a host of other resources. Try to find reviews of resorts and hotels. Read brochures. Online, read other people’s stories. Bring along maps and coupons. If you use a travel agent, ask about upgrades and perhaps linked vehicles. A good agent will gladly add these to your list of things to do.

Seek out student travel discounts. The higher the discount, the more money you’ll save. Credit card discounts are a good way to start looking for deals. When you’re ready to buy, stop by the airlines’ corporate office or call 1-800-Doors- Fly for reservations. Many airlines offer deep discounts for students.

Book with a credit card. Instead of taking a one-time fee for travel arrangements, consider a membership. The benefits of membership are almost as good as going on the trip in the first place. If you book in advance with memberships, you and you alone will have the flexibility to book travel insurance and fantastic deals.

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