The Largest Museum in the Open Air

Ancient Greeks called Luxor “the hundred-gate Thebes”. Thanks to a great amount of barren land between the Nile and the Mediterranean Sea, the rich Nile valley was always overcrowded. To reserve the right to swim in this rich river and to enjoy its luxuries, lots of inhabitants had to cover the narrow lands. Several times, the small towns survived as floating villages on the Nile. Today, this historical place is among the most popular places to visit in Egypt. The largest museum in the world dedicated to ancient Egypt can be found in Luxor. The city also houses one of the best mummy lists in the world (68 Mai).

The museum is located in Luxor at the boulevard called Markaretta (there are no columns on Markaretta, the street is paved with sloping downward) and has nine large halls, displayed in a separated area. The whole museum is designed in a capped structure to protect the visitors from the heat. The top of the hall is covered with a glass window and there is a rappelling tower that allows an excellent view of the surroundings. In the museum, there are remarkable examples of the most famous Egyptian artifacts- the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the royals of Ancient Egypt.

The Pyramids of Giza were built back in 2650 BC. The structure of the old pyramid is reasonably well preserved, although the original mummies were killed during the construction by rabboni slaughterers. The pyramid was built with semi-precious stones and with cement. Inside the pyramid, there are over 140 rooms and corridors, including the secret area (King’s Chamber, or Kukulcan Chapel). Fastenalon, the brother of the infamous killer, was tried for the death of the emperor Hadrian.

Although Giza stands in the south of Egypt, its interests and those of Alexandria are different. Giza is the birthplace of the Chrysler epoch, and only here the remnants of the ancient fortification can be seen.

Alexandria, on the other hand, was one of the most important centers of the Greek civilization and the most developed and populated city in the world at the end of the 6th century BC. The strong caravan connections with the caravan route from Italy and the Middle East, as well as the founding of a Greek colony on the Red Sea, made the city one of the most significant centers of the ancient world. The covered market in the Dock area was a bazaar where grown profiteers could buy necessities and handicrafts. The harbor itself was used as an alien harbor until the age of the pilgrims. Today, it is rumored that a hidden port in the lowest area of the city can be found.

The glorious Parthenon is the most famous building of Alexandria. A UNESCO world heritage site, and though work still continues on the restoration of this famous edifice, the time is not yet sufficient to see the results. Despite this, the Parthenon with its magnificent columns and especially the frieze rich in symbolism is a real treasure.

The Monument of Akhenaten or the King of the Kings is another monument of historic significance. In displaying his ability to build peaceful paths through the ancient world, Akhenaten reversed the meaning of a previous temple that had been built to honor various gods of the Egyptians. In fact, he wanted to create the exact time that would be built in his honor. The plan seems flawless, but on the day of his death, he was interrupted by a mob demanding his downfall. With his health failing, it seems likely that he committed suicide.

The year 1959 marked the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, and today there are a wide variety of tours to the Valley of the Kings with varying schedules and results. Be sure to consult the agate tablets about the royal cemetery often and Knights of St. John at Karnak, as well the historical records about Nubian invaders of the past especially during the reign of Ramses XI.

The most famous traveler to the Valley of the Kings is definitely not a traveler but a film star- he is Leonardo Da Vinci. In fact, he is represented in the Philhellenean gallery as a tiny man, riding on aBeck and looking rather scruffy. He doesn’t look at all like a legend of the ancient world. He had a child with his artist friend Picasso and has been linked to a very bad side to twins. As you will see, however, there are many mysteries about him.

Auctioneering tours focusing on the Valley of the Kings have their own advantages over other collections. The very large obelisks are difficult to arrange safely, and it is not easy to go sight-seeing when you are in a city at a time.

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