Top Movie Places You Must Visit

Entertainment seems to be in abundance these days. With the big screen and plethora of fantastic toys to Lego, there’s no difficulty in keeping the kids entertained. But which movies to watch and what are the best movies to choose from? Here are five movie places you must visit.


The Greek capital offers a wide range of traditional tourist attractions, not least of which is the Acropolis and the ancient ruins of Ephesus. The ideal point in which to head isinos, near the archaeological site of aleicea. The moonlight stroll through the landscape is particularly breathtaking.


The seaside city of Trabiko is a great place to pick if you’d prefer to stay in an area that is close to the sea, but largely immune from the tourist crush.


Pristina is one of the most idyllic places to pick during your holidays in Croatia. The city is essentially three islands at the center of a national park, and it is possible to take long walks in the parks and along the bays. It is also an ideal center for hiking and mountain biking since it has numerous peaks, canyons, and caves.


The hills of Ostuni e is a great spot for hiking. The views of both the city and the surrounding countryside are also excellent. If you don’t head out to the mountains immediately you’ll find there is plenty to do just inland. The historic town of Halicarnassus is also an essential stop on your itinerary, as is visiting the lush Vursica and Sashiz house where Diogo Joves like to stay.


The beaches of Bisevo are very popular, and it is easy to get there as it’s only five kilometers from the city. Clear sailing conditions make it a pleasant destination, and it is a great destination to relax all day as it’s well-situated. Space is also abundant, and Bedouin Camping Village is not far away if you’re interested in that sort of holiday.


Head just outside of town to Inulamite, where the ruins of the ancient Romans are now in plain view. It is also an ideal place to start seeing the flora and fauna that adorns Southern Dalmatia. The area has benefitted over the years from its proximity to the sea and a warm climate, which allows the various plants to grow profusely.

The ruins of the ancient Romans at Inulamite are also highly recommended. The gorgeous ruins of this once prestigious hill station are an amazing place to visit while in the south of Croatia.

The Rush

The Or necessities, as they are known by locals, are a series of ruins along the coast of the Rush River. Ornos, being the largest of the ruins, is usually the most visited of the ruins. While there are other ruins further along the coast, Ornos is the most famous and most popular and is also thewickhensest city. The name of the village itself comes from the Latin root meaning ‘river rats’, as rats were once believed to be helpful in the digestion of food.

Each of the ruins consists of a labyrinth of ancient streets and alleyways, surrounding a central temple. There are also a number of famed columns along the winding path that takes walkers to the ruins. Much of the terrain around the ruins is barren, making it an arduous trek, but if you are doubtful of the path’s width and length, then you are advised to hop on a bus rather than walk!

Historical fame aside, the ruins are quite fascinating. Ornos is surrounded by lots of pretty beaches and you can take a range of stairs to reach the top of the hill. If you are hungry and fancy a quick bite to eat, you can head back down to the village of Priios, near the ruins.


Gorsuch is a very pretty village and well worth a visit. It has ancient stone walls, half-timbered houses and a dates a palm forest. There are also ancient caves nearby with underground streams, and this is quite stunning. The village itself dates back to the middle ages as it was developed around a hermitage that was originally built for a vowaire. It is an especially beautiful spot to visit during June and July.


Hoplas is a small village that sits at the bottom corner of the Muchalat Vasey Basin, above a shallow valley. It has lucrative fish and game fishing businesses and a frilly white church. The village is near the Laplandrosto National Park, which protects areas of ancient forests. There are medieval caves nearby as well.

When you have visited this lovely village you may have a smooth trip to the nearby village and airport.

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